actually a dream is a part of ourlife..... it's an indication for us from the unconscious.. that's the first sign for us.

so evry dream ... has its own meaning. okay... guy.... we could relax for our good dream, what abt our bad Dream (nightmare) THE QUESTion IS, HOW T RESOLVE OUR NIGHTMARE....(a bad meaning of our dream)????

Okay follow my steps in resolving it.
  1. take a small bamboo or toothpick. cut it to 7 parts for about 3 centimter.
  2. use a tissue or paper. a few salt. 
  3. put the 7 parts of small bamboo and the salt into the tissue or paper.
  4. then bury it in your yard.
  5. and wish to be avoided from a bad thing.
Then I hope you find and know first about every bad and good dream. 
          I wish you OK

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